Content warning: this essay contains discussion of passive suicidal ideation.

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It started out as a joke. Or at least I thought it was a joke.

Last summer, my book club read The Hours. This group of Hudson Valley mothers and parents discussed how we were struck by Michael Cunningham’s sensitivity to the plight of new mothers. …

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In 1996, I wrote fanfiction.

As an author today, when I tell teenagers about my youthful predilection for stories set in other peoples’ world, they barely blink. Fanfic, if a little nerdy, is expected of people like me, people who wear big glasses and ironic t-shirts, people who make books…

At the edge of the apocalypse, we all make jokes
about it being the apocalypse, we all carry

hand sanitizer in little bottles to trivia night at the bar
and then, after we high five, give our red, ravaged knuckles

a squirt and we can’t help but notice how the…

Phoebe North

storyteller. sap. strange creature. they/them pronouns.

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